Reference projects:

Huge administrative centre near Bristol / England

Laying of extremely thin quick-drying screed, insulation and light concrete.
Extensive documentation in English on health and safety standards.

Weather Station on Germany´s highest mountain

The transport of the pump and the necessary materials
to the mountain top were a real challenge.

Esprit-Store in Paris / France

Laying of quick-drying screed on a separating layer.
Use of special fibres to prevent cracks.


Fashion store in Kitzbuehel / Austria

Coloured design screed colorplan® on heat insulation.
Traditional cementitious screed, whose surface was refined
by grinding techniques as usually applied to terrazzo floors.
Experiments with local materials did not turn out satisfactory,
so all additives, materials and machinery had to be procured from Germany.

Further projects

Private villa in Taschkent / Uzbekistan
2.500 sqm of quick-drying screed, insulation and light concrete

Coospol – Ministry of foreign trade in Prague / Czech Republic
Laying of cementitious screed on a separating layer with special requirements
concerning the conveyance technique. Project languages: English and German.

Skoda stand, automobile showroom in Paris / France
Floor examination and evaluation of the floor covering of the stand.

Villa Keckeis Bregenz / Austria
Screed laid to falls on a separating layer to be covered with tiles on the terraces and balconies.

Tunnel Henndorf at Wallersee / Austria
6481 sqm of screed (laid to falls) was laid at the full length of the tunnel (amounting to 1.6 km)
to encourage effective drainage.